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Plastro Mayer is your reliable partner for all needs around injection moulded parts, power cords, cord sets and assembling.

We are the plastic allrounder with an unique status in the German market. Four areas are combined in our family owned company - all from one source.

Obviously we offer for all clients the possibilty to work in combined projects of all 4 areas.

The combination of all 4 areas from one source makes us the specialist of the plastic market.

As supplier of the industry we offer flexible service and uncomplicated work.

We are your partner in following areas:


  • Manufacturing, handling and subsequent processes of injection moulded parts (also 2 components and more component injection moulding).

  • Manufacturing of electrical cord sets and power cords.

  • Assembling and subsequent processes from assembly units to complete devices.

  • Design and manufacturing of moulds.

Additionally we offer services as construction, computer aided design (CAD), key account, laser welding, contract processing and much more.

We are looking forward to all your needs and inquiries.