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For individual needs, all commercially available plugs and couplings are assembled to the power cords.

Mountable connectors and adapters

Possible mounting parts (selection):

montage australien v Assembly plug: Australia
montagekupplung vde v Assembly coupling‚ VDE
universaladapter v

Universal adapter

Plug: Germany, Belgium, France

Socket: USA, Australia, Israel, Italy, England, Switzerland

adapter england v

Adapter: England

Plug: England

Socket: Germany

zwischenstecker vde v Intermediate connector‚ VDE
adapter usa v

Adapter: USA

Plug: USA

Socket: Germany

montage englanddose v Protective contact socket: England
schukoeinbau vde v Protective contact socket for installation‚ VDE
schukoeinbau sev v Protective contact socket for installation‚ SEV
montage england v Assembly plug: England
montage vde v Rubber assembly plug‚ VDE
montage suedafrika v Assembly plug: South Africa
montage suedafrika2 v Assembly plug: South Africa with small pins
montage israel v

Assembly plug: Israel

16A 250V with approval

montage perilex v

Assembly plug: Perilex angled plug

16A 380V

dose winkelheiss v Angled connector "hot condition" 155 °C
stecker zentralkalt v Plug "cold condition" 70 °C, C14
dose zentralheiss v Connector "hot condition" 155 °C
dose zentralkalt v Connector "cold condition" 70 °C, C13
dose zentralwarm v Connector "hot condition" 120 °C, C15
montage sev v Assembly plug: Switzerland‚ SEV
stecker dosen kombi v


with earth 16A 250V

also available for Belgium/France, Switzerland, Italy, USA

montage steckergehaeuse v Plug housing with socket
einbaudosen v

Plug "cold condition" 70°C C14 10A 250V "snap in" for installation

Plug "hot condition" 155°C C15A 10A 250V for installation

further versions e.g. C20 16A 250V available

On request, Plastro Mayer can process your special parts.

Further versions on request.