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Injection moulding


In our fully automated injection moulding production we work with roboter handling systems. Our machines are equipped with clamping force of 30 -1100 tons.  

We produce injection moulded parts out of all thermoplastics. (1 component, 2 component and multi component injection moulding)

We also offer follow up work as printing, ultrasonic welding, adhesion, greasing or coining. We also offer 3D printed parts for prototypes.

Sector-independant we deliver to a large range of sectors. Following some examples: 


2 Komponenten Spritzguss

electronic tooling (2 component)

Filter und Wassertechnik

           Filter and Water Technique


Householding industry



Stuhlindustrie Stuhlkreuze

          Chair Industry


          Medicine industry


      Lighting industry